10 Office Plants You Must Try Out


Did you know that having the right plants for the office can help increase the productivity of your employees? Plants contribute to enhancing the appearance of your office as well as reducing the stress levels of the employees. Plants assist in eliminating the toxins in the air as well as other pollutants, therefore, purifying the air and therefore making the environment conducive for working. If you are looking for reception office plants – click here for more information.

Below are some plants for the office that you should try

1. Spider plant

This plant is also known as Chlorophytum comosumt. It originated aa04from Southern Africa. It is a plant with green and white stripes and is more appealing on a hanging basket. It is an easy plant to grow indoors since it requires little or no maintenance. Spider plant purifies the air by absorbing toxins and other air pollutants.

2. Snake plant

Snake plant is scientifically known as Sansevieria trifasciata. It is a hardy plant and therefore can be used in both hot and cold environment. You do not have to water this particular plant every day since it can go for several days without water. Snake plant helps in purifying the air by taking in the toxins in the air.

3. Peace lily

This is a large plant that fills a reasonable amount of space. The good thing about this plant is that it does not require a lot of light to grow and therefore can in low-lit office. This is a plant that requires little maintenance. It helps keep the office air fresh and reduce pollution.

4. Jade plant

Jade plant is also known as Crassula ovata. It is a plant with small succulent leaves and flowers. Jade plant is one of those plants you want to have in your office since it is believed that having it in your office brings success.

5. African violet

This plant enhances the appearance of the office since it produces flowers. It does not eat up on the office space and is therefore recommended for small offices. However, this plant requires relatively more maintenance.

6. English Ivy

This plant helps in cleansing the air and therefore ensuring clean air in circulation. In addition to that, it helps in preventing airborne diseases. It also takes in formaldehyde, therefore, purifying the air.

7. Parlor plant

This is an office plant that can survive in low lit offices since it does not require direct light to grow. It requires little maintenance and only occupies a small area of the office space.

8. Umbrella plant

This plant needs to be pruned regularly since it can grow up to 10 feet tall. It may have more than one stems. If you have a dog or cat in your office, this is not the right plant four you since it can cause stomach upset when digested by your animals. This is because it is highly toxic.

9. Gerber Daisy

aa03This is a very attractive plant since it produces flowers of almost every color. When used in your office, it makes it very attractive. It helps in getting rid of trichloroethylene which may be brought about by dry cleaning.

10. Cactus

Cactus plants are small plants. This plant requires some reasonable amount of sunshine and therefore cannot survive in a low-lit office. You can choose whatever type of cactus you want since they come in wide variety.