Great Tips on How To Stop Your Dog From Scratching Your Carpet

It is natural for a dog to scratch but at the same time, this behavior can lead to the destruction of your expensive items such as the carpet. This behavior also varies from one breed to another and for you to get rid of it, you need to learn and understand the reason as to why your dog loves scratching. This will enable you to come up with an excellent idea which may require training from an expert to make the dog understand that scratching the carpet is bad behavior. Now, let us learn more about why dogs like scratching and how to stop your dog from scratching your carpet.

Reasons dogs scratch the carpet

Dogs are believed to scratch for various reason suchnjm23e5t23ey6237eu28i2h as a way of getting rid of the excessive energy in the body. This character can also develop in cases where the dog is exposed to the harsh and stressful environment. Another reason is physical illness such as brain tumor that results not only in scratching behavior but also severe body disorders. Your dog may also scratch while trying to find a comfortable place to sleep. Anxiety and fear also may cause your dog to scratch your expensive carpet, and you will notice this if the dog has the habit to scratch whenever you leave the house.

How to stop your dog from scratching your carpet

The first thing is to provide your dog with enough time to release the excessive energy by either playing with it or taking your dog for a walk. Dogs scratch as they try to find a comfortable place to rest, therefore, providing them with a comfortable and warm bed is a good way to eradicate that behavior. You can do this by locating the bed in the place it used to scratch until it recognizes it as his bed. Also, as you carry out some health and cleaning maintenance, make sure you trim or file your dog’s nails using the best nail clipper.

Besides thjmkn3e526y27u272uat make sure that the dog is free from any infection or any skin related diseases. If you realize any unhealthy problem, the best thing will be seeking medical attention from a veterinarian. If you find the above tips difficult to exercise, the best idea will be staying in his kennel. At this time the dog will eat and play with the toys without leaving the crate. Exercising the above tips might not be easy as said and therefore looking help from a professional dog trainer is the best way to get rid of this unpleasant behavior. However, if you are planning to do it yourself, never hit the dog thinking it is a good way to stop it from scratching.