Personalized Instagram Party Prop


Instagram Selfie Props have become the perfect addition to any party or event. These frames serve as an entertainment centerpiece for parties or events. The Instagram party prop frames allow people to capture all the excitement that happen in a particular party or event. To add it all up not only do they enable you to enjoy the moment the selfie frames allow your guest to take with them the best moments. A prop is usually something that serves as a pole or a beam. The large instagram frame prop are mainly used during the photo session moments. It supports something that is in position in our case the props are used like a frame that supports our faces when we take the photos even though we are the ones who are supporting the full frame with our hands.


How to make a personalize Instagram prop frame

hjhjhjhjMaking a prop frame is quite easy. Most companies that make Instagram selfie prop frames usually use coroplast boards to make their frames. Coroplast boards are used because they are known for their sturdy nature because they are made of plastic. The internal areas of the frame are wavy and not made of the coroplast material; this makes the frame have a sturdy structure.

In place of the coroplast boards, some companies usually use foam core. This material is much sturdier than the coroplast material. The size of the selfie frame you wish to have depends on your description. However, the most commonly used size for an Instagram selfie is of dimensions 20 by 30. This type of selfie frame is big enough to fit one to four people who are posed behind it.

What does a Prop frame include?

A selfie prop frame includes various kinds of information printed on it. The information that is written in a selfie prop frame normally resembles information of a photo that has been uploaded to the Instagram application. A prop frame includes the following; a title that is on top of the frame, this may be a name of a popular social media app like for example in our case ‘Instagram’. The prop will also have a user name which may be real or just fictitious; the prop frame will also include the location where the photo was taken just like in the real Instagram app however the location that is printed on this frame is that of the specified event or party.

Different designs

mnnmnmnThe frame also includes some heart likes. You are responsible on how many likes you want on the frame. Also, a status quote that is, the exact words you would like after the username on the framed photo is included and finally below the photo on the frame are some comments and hashtags just like in the real application