How to Prevent Pests from Entering Your Home

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No matter what type of housing you have: an entire house, an apartment, or a loft, it will be surrounded by pests ready to invade your home. Pests do not only come from nearby forests or gardens, they can also crawl their way inside buildings from underground drainage pipes. Most people will say that having pests inside your home is inevitable, especially if your home has been standing for over two to three years.

Of course, you can always call a pest┬ámanagement to get rid of your pests every once in a while, but the more pests you have inside your home, the more you’ll need to pay for pest control services. Preventing pests from entering your home is alternatively easy, and the bonus is that these tricks will also keep your home clean and fresh from other parasites such as molding.

metal faucet runningKeep Your Drainage System Maintained

Like any living creature, pests will look for a water source in their new place to live. So if you don’t want cockroaches and mice to look at your home as a new place to live, you need to keep everything dry. Always drain your sinks and bathtubs after you use them, and don’t postpone fixing leaked faucets and other appliances.

The most common leakages happen in the dishwasher and kitchen sink, since we sometimes flush food waste that clog the pipes and cause leakage. Always throw food waste in the trash bin, and throw out all the garbage every night before bed. Wipe tables and countertops, even puddles in kitchens and bathrooms because pests love puddles.

Don’t Leave Food and beverages Exposed

Have you ever found ants in your drinking water and thought, why would they be interested in water? It’s not even sweet! The truth is, pests will consume anything you leave exposed. Always seal your food and drinks that you cannot store inside the fridge. Invest in as many ziplock bags and air tight jars as you can, because it’ll save your home from being dirty and invaded by pests.

You should also make sure you don’t overflow your trash can, make sure it can be closed with a tight lid. Clean up food crumbs and spills immediately, especially those that are sticky because they will definitely attract ants. Pet food shouldn’t be left out overnight as well, because it will attract ants and rodents.

De-clutter Frequently

Pests are scared of humans, and they like to hide in clutter. Especially cluttered spaces which are dark, cramped, and probably full of dust and cobwebs. A haven for pests! This is why you need to throw out unwanted items and regularly vacuum your floors. Empty your attic, it is a very common mistake to clutter your attic because it will be filled with bats and rats.

Even piles of magazines and newspapers, and boxes of old clothes can attract pests, so throw them out or do garage sales every once in a while to get rid of them. If you have sentimental value over old clothes or items, don’t keep them cluttered. Keep them in regularly cleaned wardrobes instead.