Beginner’s Guide To Rat And Mice Elimination


Rats and mice are the popular rodents that can cause many problems at home. They carry dangerous diseases that can be transmitted to human beings through contamination. Most people do not get along well with them once they infest the house and hence one has to look for the best way to tackle and kick them out of the house. Sometimes this task can be tricky and risky for other occupants. At times the only solution is to engage the experts to come and kick out the rodents.

A guide to rat and mice elimination

What are mice and rats

They are in the family of rodents that live either in the house or the nearby gardens. Rodents family comprises over 1000 species, but the most common are mice and rats. They have a short maturity and gestation period causing them to breed very fast. They infest the homes looking for food and water and in the process cause a lot of damage.


Characteristics of rodents infection

Various ways will indicate that this menace already infects your house. The obvious one is a loss of food. A heavy infestation will cause damage to food in the stores, and the worst part is that they poke holes in packets and containers making the food go to waste. Trail of their droppings and urine all over the house is not only tiring to clean but also makes the house to smell bad.

Both rats and mice will visit the house for food mostly at night or when things are quiet and after that go back to their hiding grounds. They can squeeze through tiny holes to access the food store and other areas with food. They are commonly found in the house during winter as they escape from the cold gardens and hole

How to get rid of the rodents

Experts use strongest rat poisons as well as other effective  ways to control and eliminate the rodents from your homes. There are also the DIY methods that are equally effective when done well. Consider using rat snap traps as bait to attract them. One wooden snap trap can kill one rat at a time and therefore you may need to set a couple to make the process quick. Experts also recommend various rat poisons which are nontoxic. They kill them slowly but in a large number at once.


Other people prefer using glue trap or live trap and then disposing of the rodents in the woods. Keeping the house clean, neat and organized may not kill them but will help to destroy their breeding grounds.